About Bay Maps


Our story began with a love of local heritage. 

While researching the rich history of northeastern Wisconsin, we needed a custom map to illustrate our discoveries.  After searching high and low for a mapmaker and finding none, J.J. was inspired to learn the art of modern mapping. 

After many years of learning, our mapmaking has transformed from a hobby into a craft.  While modern map-making differs from the hand-drawn maps of old, it remains labor-intensive and skilled work. A quality map may take many weeks or months to create. All of our maps are original works built layer by layer, using careful cartographic skill and involving extensive research. 

Our goal is not mass production but the creation of unique map goods that are both accurate and beautiful, a true tribute to our home and heritage. We are proud to make and print all of our map goods in Green Bay, WI. 

In a world that is often rushed and disconnected, we are grateful to conduct business directly with our customers.  We have enjoyed meeting so many of you and engaging in beautiful conversations about local geography and heritage. 

Thank you for your support of our small business!   

J.J. and Sara 

Bay Maps is veteran-owned and operated.